At Fultura, we offer cross-industry breakthrough thinking and a comprehensive strategic and tactical skill set. We have partnered alongside leaders and teams at some of the top 20 most admired global knowledge enterprises. 

Our unique ability to quickly become a trusted advisor stems from our influential and empathetic leadership approach. We have global management and chief of staff experience with startups and large-scale organizations to simplify processes. Our expertise is backed by graduate research and projects that have led to a new learning culture model for enhanced problem-solving. 

 We partner with executives, directors, managers, individual contributors, and human resources (HR) teams who are ready to prioritize organizational growth, improve team collaboration, get more done, and simplify systems to stay focused on revenue growth, cost savings, and employee happiness. 

Our clients include Silicon Valley companies, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Toyota Industries, Genentech/Roche Biopharma, and more. 

We provide a wide range of services to cater to your organizational needs. These include: 
Strategic Leadership 
Business Planning & Analysis 
Systems Thinking 
Project Management 
Program Design 
Human Resources (HR) Strategy 
Global Learning & Development (L&D) 
Leadership & Talent Development 
Management Consulting 
Diversity & Inclusion 
Stakeholder Relations 
Client/Customer Services 
Operations Management 
Business Development (BD) 
Change Management 
Enterprise Architecture 
Continuous Improvement